Winter Maintenance for Your Hot Tub

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 Winters are there! And, it’s time to make your hot tubs even hotter. Those who can use hot tubs during winters look forward to this time of the year, anxiously. However, in certain parts of the world where winters mean freezing cold temperatures, using hot tubs is not possible. Hot tubs and spas, therefore, have to be closed temporarily.  Even if you are not closing your spa or hot tub during the winters, since it is a difficult season for your hot tub, you must pay extra attention to its functioning


Taking Care of Your Hot Tub During Winter Season

If you have recently purchased a hot tub or any Master Spa from Waukesha, you will realize that its maintenance in summer season is much simpler as compared to the amount of care that it requires in winters. During the summers, all that you require is to check the hot tub for the chemical balance as well as the filters for proper drainage. As compared to this, winter care for hot tubs or spas is far more elaborate a procedure. Read the following steps to thoroughly understand the crux of care required by hot tubs or spas during winters.

1.       Cover When Not In Use: The best way to make sure that no damage happens when the spa is not in use is to cover it completely. Apart from making sure that the spa or hot tub doesn’t get damaged because of snow or ice, the spa covers also take care that the water inside the hot tub or spa is not exposed to dirt and dust.

2.       Proper Storage of Chemicals: For the winter season, in case you are not using your hot tub or spa, keep the hot tub chemicals and spa parts safely stored in a dry place. You need to make sure that the spa chemicals are stored at a place that is out of the reach of children.

3.       Inspect for Proper Functioning:  Checking the hot tub or spa for proper functioning is important even if you aren’t using the vessel in winters. When you check your hot tub regularly for any signs of damage that it might exhibit, you make sure that any serious breakage or leakage is addressed timely.

4.       Temperature Levels:  In case you are using your hot tub or spa during winters, you will have to double check the water temperature levels. In case it is extremely cold, you might have to heat up the tub little more than usual.  

The above mentioned are a few basic things that every hot tub user must inquire about from any hot tub dealer in Milwaukee or any other place that the former may be buying from. Without ensuring the above four are taken care of, you can’t wish for a delightful spa or hot tub experience during winters.

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